Anthony Munchak Explains the Importance of Corporate Investment Firms and Risk Management for Company Growth

Anthony Munchak
4 min readJan 15, 2021

Having a trusted corporate investment firm is a must when it comes to managing your company’s financial future. An investment firm can help you with everything from risk management to building your ideal portfolio. Your investments are too important to leave to an amateur, and there are many moving parts that may prevent you from managing them on your own.

Anthony Munchak explains what services you should expect from your investment firm and how an investment firm can help your company solidify its future through risk management.

The Functions of an Investment Manager

In order to help you, your investment manager first needs to assess your financial goals. An investment manager needs to know how much money your company can invest, what kind of return you are expecting, and how much liquidity you need. The amount of risk you are willing to take should also be discussed.

Investment managers will present you with potential places to use your company’s money. Investments may range from cash deposits to government bonds. Investing in startup companies may also be an option. If you work with a trusted investment manager, you will be aware of the possibilities available to you. Your manager will calculate the possible risks and returns for you.

Next, your investment manager will spend time with you and design your investment strategies. They will help you match your goals with the risks you want to take and the amount of money you can invest. They will make sure that your portfolio is appropriately diversified to spread the risk across different assets. Strategies used by investment managers may vary based on the client’s requirements.

Judging the Merits of Your Portfolio

One of the primary functions of an investment manager is deciding whether your portfolio needs to be improved. An investment manager may counsel your company to pull out of certain commitments or to invest in a new avenue like private equity. At all times, the investment manager should be focused on creating a healthy return on your company’s investments without exposing you to unnecessary risks.

Companies that put too much emphasis on their portfolios also run the risk of damage during any economic downturns that may occur. It is a better idea to focus on the company’s activities and see where profits can be raised there in addition to the investment portfolio.

Evaluating Your Firm’s Activities

An investment management firm will be able to analyze your firm’s activities and decide which are worthy of your attention. Companies should let go of the mindset that any sort of activity is beneficial. For example, cold calls and email campaigns that go nowhere should be abandoned. An unbiased external view of these activities can often be beneficial.

An investment management firm can also advise your company on any organizational changes that may be necessary to operate more efficiently. If your operations need to be streamlined or certain other organizational moves need to be made, an investment management firm will be able to help.

Risk Management

One of the most important functions of an investment management firm is maintaining a risk management plan. Risk management plans are financially beneficial because they help businesses prepare for problems that are likely to occur. Proper risk management strategies can make a company more attractive to lenders and raise its credit rating.

According to Anthony Munchak, allowing an investment management firm to deal with risk management is a smart move. Risk management plans protect the company’s portfolio and free up managers’ time to deal with other priorities like accomplishing their business goals.

Benefits of Risk Management

Risk management plans can improve the health and resilience of your business. The risk management process can uncover problems with your company’s daily operations, letting you know about concrete moves you can make to put things in order.

When your company undergoes risk management analysis, your business operations will improve to the point where your customers will be happier with your services. Your products may be made more efficiently, leading to fewer delays for your customers. Your organizational structure may be reshaped for maximum efficiency.

Companies are also made more financially stable when they undergo risk management analysis. The process may reveal important changes that need to be made in order to preserve their financial future.

The Role of Charterholders

Hiring a CFA-certified charterholder can be a smart move for your company. Skilled specialists in business investment management firms may become certified as charterholders by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute. Having a charterholder in charge of your company’s dual asset management and risk management strategies is highly beneficial. The CFA certification is difficult to obtain and signifies that the holder has completed a rigorous course of study covering topics like equity investments, financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, and wealth planning.

CFA charterholders are well-versed in advanced investment analysis. They have the skills to manage a portfolio in the real world. Anthony Munchak recommends that your company contract with a CFA charterholder to manage your interests.

Understanding How a Corporate Investment Firm Can Help Your Business

It is often best to delegate the responsibility for your company’s investments and risk management to a dedicated firm. An external investment management firm can take an impartial look at your company’s activities and make sure that your operations are efficient. The company can examine your investments and decide whether you are appropriately leveraged. They can also make recommendations for investments that your company should make in the future. Anthony Munchak, like other CFA charterholders, is an expert when it comes to asset management and risk management. A CFA charterholder will be able to shepherd your company through difficult times, making sure that your assets are used appropriately and that your level of risk is acceptable.

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