Having a trusted corporate investment firm is a must when it comes to managing your company’s financial future. An investment firm can help you with everything from risk management to building your ideal portfolio. Your investments are too important to leave to an amateur, and there are many moving parts that may prevent you from managing them on your own.

Anthony Munchak explains what services you should expect from your investment firm and how an investment firm can help your company solidify its future through risk management.

The Functions of an Investment Manager

In order to help you, your investment manager first needs to assess your…

What You Need to Know About Your CFA: with Anthony Munchak, CFA

If you are a CFA Charterholder, you already understand the immeasurable benefits of the certification. However, despite the fact that more than 167,000 charterholders exist worldwide, there are multiple benefits and ways to maximize your investment that you may not be aware of.

Anthony Munchak has been working in the finance industry since 1992, having earned a BS and MS degrees in Finance (Chartered Financial Analyst). As an industry professional, he believes that there are several key things that every CFA Charterholder should know about their certification. Anthony Munchak is here to cover everything from misconceptions to maximizing your investment.

Anthony Munchak

All businesses experience risk. From launching new products to protecting customer data, every business faces the threat of unexpected drawbacks. Any event that could cost your organization revenue, reputation, or sustainability needs to be identified, anticipated, and planned for ahead of time. That is where a risk management plan comes in.

As a risk management expert, Anthony Munchak understands that a comprehensive plan allows businesses to financially prepare for unanticipated events, create more efficient operations, and improve nearly every aspect of their business. Giving you a play-by-play on what risk management is, why it is essential, and how…

Anyone working in finance knows how valuable being a CFA Charterholder can be. As the primary designation that measures and certifies the integrity and competence of financial analysts, it isn’t a certification that should be taken lightly. As someone who has also earned a BS degree and an MS degree in Finance, Anthony Munchak cannot stress the importance of the certification enough. If you’re interested in becoming a CFA Charterholder, Anthony Munchak is going to outline everything you need to know, from criteria and exams to reference letters.

Everything You Need To Know with Anthony Munchak, CFA

What is a CFA?

A CFA (a chartered financial analyst) is a…

The new administration

As the election season draws to a close, it has become clear that we will experience a change in our nation’s government. Many companies’ fortunes are closely tied to government activities and may depend on who is in power. These companies may be nervous about the new administration and may have questions about how they can manage their risk appropriately in this changing environment.

Anthony Munchak, a corporate investment management specialist and CFA charterholder, explains how companies can adapt to a new political environment and the steps they should take to solidify their business’s position with regard to the new…

Today’s tough economic climate has made it difficult for many businesses to wisely invest their money. The pandemic has had catastrophic effects on many economic sectors, especially restaurants and hospitality businesses. The stock markets have fluctuated, and the unemployment rate has been significantly worse than it was during the Great Recession of 2008. Having a strong investment portfolio can help companies survive economic downturns, but many companies do not know how to build one.

Anthony Munchak, a corporate portfolio management specialist, explains how companies can build solid portfolios that will help them weather economic storms and recover from COVID-related downturns…

Anthony Munchak

I have refined the construction and trading process to enhance alpha, execute lower-cost trades, manage cash flows, strengthen controls, and mitigate risk.

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